College Counseling Videos

College Counseling Videos

Video Talks with Liz. This is a series of short videos, 30 seconds to about 3 minutes in length, published every Tuesday. Each video will speak to important points on the college admissions and financial aid process that you won’t want to miss. Stay tuned each week and join Liz to gain valuable insight into each of these daunting journeys.

Wondering how you approach financing your college years and how to make it work for you? Watch this to begin to understand this critical piece of the process that needs to be addressed at the beginning of your journey, NOT the end!

Are you a junior in high school? Have you started your college search yet? Understand the importance of beginning that college search now, actually, yesterday. There’s no time like the present.

Oh, I wish I asked about that! You’re only going to spend an hour or 2, the most, when you visit a college campus, so making the most of that visit is paramount. Find out what to look for.

Rushing through to complete your college applications to ensure you make those deadlines? Settling for what you feel is “good enough”?

What is the Excelsior Scholarship and how can it benefit me? Live in NY State and wondering what this Excelsior Scholarship is all about, if you qualify and what’s the catch? Get the low down to understand if it’s for you.

Many families have high expectations to receive an athletic scholarship when they have a child who is an athlete in high school who wants to participate in their sport in college. Understand the facts about athletic scholarships.

The early bird has the best opportunity to get the worm. This phrase is the foundation of what I stand for and how I work with my students. Submitting your applications early provides a load off of your shoulders but then you need to wait, and wait, and wait, for many of the colleges to respond, which can be agonizing.

All of your college applications are submitted…What a relief…Want to know when you will hear on whether you’re accepted? Get the low down on when you will find out.

Want to know how to figure out which tax year your financial aid forms are based off of? Find out the easy way to do so.