Test Preparation Company Consultation and Diagnostic

Each student is unique and some may fare better on the SAT while the ACT might be the best test for others. Signature College Counseling offers a FREE Test Prep Diagnostic to ascertain the best course of action for your child to take with regards to the particular exam.

Differences Between the SAT and ACT

While both tests offer optional essays, they are very different writing tasks and some students feel more comfortable with certain types of writing prompts
Additionally, the SAT has a “no calculator” section on the math portion, and although this is fine for certain individuals, others do not feel confident on that section of the SAT
While the ACT has a Science section, the SAT does not, but that piece is more of a reasoning test than a science exam so your child need not be a science expert in order to score well on that portion of the exam

If the parent requests, a practice exam will be emailed to the student with specific instructions on how to take the exam along with an answer key and scoring guide. If desired, parents may request a phone call to speak with the test prep expert to discuss the findings and move towards taking the exam that seems to be the best fit for the student.