A Peek Into Our Future

My business allows me to take a peek into the future. I am happy to report that our future looks bright with students that are caring, kind, courageous, independent, brilliant, humorous, respectful and diligent. This year’s seniors are ready to take on the challenges that the previous generations hoped to accomplish. We all know that hope isn’t a strategy and this group has plans to make the world better.

We have worked with students on their creative essays that inspire, make you laugh, bring you to tears and express the hardships and challenges that so many have overcome. One of our favorites came from a student who studies obscure languages and compares them to principles in chemistry and the metric system. Her ability to crisscross typically non causations into coherent logic opens up her possibilities to address the most difficult world challenges. Knowing she will be using her talents for the greater good should bring comfort to us all.

Another student who had to deal with a debilitating stuttering issue, expressed his yearly fear of speaking the first day of every school year. He turned his focus to the arts and athletics, where verbal communication wasn’t a primary asset. He thrived in both arenas and his new found popularity opened up his comfort zone to embrace his verbal challenges. He is looking forward to excelling in college where his confidence will be embraced from day one.

And who would think an essay about SpongeBob, and how the student’s laugh is mistaken for his, would be one of our favorites. She explained in detail her infectious desire to ask lots of questions, and her chatty nature parrots SpongeBob, as does her inclination to absorb and release information.

Then out of boredom during the pandemic a student researched the resale sneaker business. He discovered the back door into buying limited edition releases through what is known as “bots”. Bots cost a significant amount and he was willing to invest in himself and jumped into the business with a strategy to learn as he grows. And grow he did. Within two years he has sales over $1.4 million. Living in an apartment building brought additional challenges for his distribution channel. He handled this by creating a new position in his company for the doorman, CDO, or Chief Doorman Operator. Needless to say this student is on his way to an elite business school where he will continue to learn as he grows.

Our future is in the hands and minds of these and many more talented students. I am confident that the previous generations will be proud of them, as I am now.

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