Additional Information on Common App

Additional Information on Common App: What is it Used for Anyway?

What is that Additional Information section on the Common App used for anyway? To complete or not complete that Additional Information section on the Common App, that is the question.

This section IS NOT for everyone

I’ll tell you what a student shouldn’t use it for, to reiterate your resume or to write another personal statement, or just for the sake of putting something there. This section IS NOT for everyone. This area IS used to expand or explain certain circumstances that a student may feel is important for the admissions counselors to know when considering their application for admission. This is information that is to the point and concise. Be honest, transparent, own up to your shortcomings and reflect on how you have changed and will be different in the future.

Potential Topics/Reasons for Filling out this Section

• Explaining grades that aren’t reflective of the student you are

• If a grade or grades in certain classes slipped

• If you had or have health-related circumstances that affected your schooling and/or your life

• Outlining a significantly difficult situation you went through and how you came out of it

• Expanding on a research project that you were unable to do in your activities section and/or your resume

• Further explaining a disability – How it has affected you and how you have persevered

Use this section carefully and only if it applies to you. It can be a wonderful opportunity for the admissions counselor to understand you better but, if you abuse the privilege, it can backfire on you exponentially.

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