Attention Rising Juniors: It’s Not a Sprint, it’s a Marathon

Attention Rising Juniors!

When to take and prep for the ACTs, SATs, searching for that right set of colleges, visiting those colleges, planning for college application work, participating in all of those extracurricular activities (And should I take on more?!?), pushing through the hardest set of courses you’ve ever taken thus far in your school career and earning the highest grades of your life……You can feel the stress mounting and before your head explodes, take a step back and breathe.

Junior Year

Your junior year in high school will be your hardest one on many fronts. If all that you had to worry about was school, it still would be challenging, but knowing that you have so many other pieces to juggle and excel at makes this year completely and utterly overwhelming.

What I will say is that planning your year, understanding what lies ahead and doing something about it now is the ticket. But remember, if you sprint at the start, your energy will disintegrate and you will have nothing left to give, early on, for all that is left for you to accomplish.

You know I’m a planner and I can tell you if you were ever thinking of becoming one, now is the time. Know that this journey through this school year is a marathon and should be treated as such, taking one stride at a time but planning for the long haul.

You never get a do-over and you certainly don’t want any regrets when May 1 of your senior year hits, wishing you had done more and planned better. No time like the present. Do it now and trust me, although stress is a given during your junior year, some of that can be alleviated by looking forward and doing something about it now.

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