Audrey from Brookfield, Connecticut

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Whether you are embarking on the college search or just starting to tackle your applications, chances are your head is spinning wondering what to do first or if you’re heading in the right direction! Don’t stress. You don’t have to be alone during what can appear to be a very daunting time. The consultants at Signature College Counseling are ready to be by your side guiding you along – regardless of where you are on the journey.
Having assisted hundreds and hundreds of students, we have developed a comprehensive process to effectively help you:

• Identify schools that are a SAFE fit socially, academically, financially and emotionally
• Complete your applications
• Work on your essays

• Prep for interviews
• Apply for financial aid
• Select THE school you will attend

We invite you to read what students and their families have to say about their experiences in working with Signature College Counseling. Here is one example of a student from Brookfield, Connecticut who we helped find and attend a school that was her best fit. Her name has been changed to maintain his privacy.

A Signature College Counseling Fairfield County Success Story

Audrey was a straight-A student in high school with very strong course rigor. She was diligent, focused, humble, and completely enveloped with our environment. It was clear to me from the start that she would make positive change in our world one day. Her career direction was to major in environmental sciences and change the world, one step, one person, and one company at a time. There was no doubt she would.

An Involved Student In and Out of School

Audrey’s resume exuded her passion for the environment. She was selected to participate in her local environmental advocacy group where they submitted proposals for initiatives to further their cause. She is a self-starter and founded her town’s sustainability council, which worked to achieve the Sustainable CT Silver Certification. In addition, Audrey established her high school’s environmental club where she worked to raise awareness on environmental issues, organizing a two-day climate summit to educate club members, as well as planting 150 trees in the community, amongst other initiatives. She was also asked by her local government to be a youth advisor to generate suggestions for ideas on sustainability.

Although Audrey was heavily involved in so many aspects of improving our environment, she also found time to play varsity soccer, being selected as captain her senior year, along with participating on a club team. On top of that, Audrey tutored her peers, assisted children with special needs, and worked at her family’s animal hospital. We’re not sure where Audry finds the time to sleep, but somehow she does.

Audrey’s College Checklist

Audrey was open to going to almost anywhere in the country with the exception of the south and southwest. She has been an avid skier from a very young age and the cooler weather was more her thing. Overall, Audrey wanted to explore schools of all sizes, from a more rural area to being near or in a city and was relatively open to various kinds of environments. A more liberal community was what she could relate to, as well as a highly motivated student body. She wanted some more selective schools on her list, but we also wanted to be sure she had some schools that we knew she would get into and that she would be happy to attend.

Identifying SAFE Schools for Audrey

After much thought and consideration, Audrey’s range of schools included:

Smaller liberal arts colleges: Amherst, Bowdoin, Middlebury, Colgate, Bucknell
Mid-size institutions: Boston College, Boston University, Northeastern
The Ivies, or the like: Cornell, Duke, Tufts
Larger public institutions: University of Maryland, University of Connecticut

Audrey applied to all of the above schools, applying Early Decision (if she got accepted she would need to attend) to Tufts, who had her major of choice and a program that fit her to a T. She was deferred in the ED pool but then gained acceptance during Regular Decision. In the end, Audrey was accepted to many of the schools on her list, both large public universities, a few of the mid-size institutions and a couple of the smaller liberal arts colleges.

The End Result

Audrey was beyond ecstatic with her acceptance to Tufts and made the decision to attend.
She will be a freshman this upcoming fall and we have full confidence that she will not only excel at her academics but be surrounded by her people, making her college years everything that she could possibly desire. Needless to say, she could not be happier with her decision!

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