College Admissions Consultant

After completing my certificate in College Admissions Counseling through UCLA, I began my practice, Signature College Counseling. I am a Professional Member of the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA), have guided over 200 families, and fully enveloped as a college admissions consultant, bringing students and colleges together.

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College Path

This NY Times article is a must read and something I have been communicating to my students and families for years. Honors colleges at public universities are an option that should be strongly considered as an option for those high achieving students that are potentially considering the highly selective university route. The experience you can have going down this path can be incredibly fulfilling and shouldn’t be put to the side.

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College Benefits

Dear Graduate, Here’s How to Get in the Game

Jack Welch always has great advice and this one doesn’t fall short for our college graduates who are searching for a job. At a time when finding the quickest way to do things seems to be the norm, preparing for a job interview takes more time than any test you studied for in college. 2 primary takeaways for me are: know the company inside and out that you are interviewing with and listen to your parents.

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College Application Deadline

College Timeline

Summer: • Visit Colleges • Decide where to Apply • Letters of recommendation • Write essay(s), Sept/Oct: • Visit Colleges • Take Standardized Tests • Decide where to Apply • Letters of recommendation • Write essay(s) • Applications submitted

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Fairfield University

Fairfield University, Fairfield, Connecticut- I visited the Fairfield University sprawling campus of over 200 acres, located in beautiful Fairfield CT, on August 18. This Jesuit, suburban institution has 3300 undergraduates allowing them plenty of research opportunities.

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