Bates College

Bates College, Lewiston, Maine

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A diverse community that borders the Androscoggin River and not far from the coast, Bates is a centerpiece of this town both literally and figuratively speaking. Where study abroad is so prevalent and emphasized within their curriculum, they provide an entire month each year to participate in this experience. Giving back and learning from and within the community is the essence of what Bates is about. You are in Maine so preparing for the weather and enjoying the outdoors is a must. An intellectual and athletic student body, Bates embraces the liberal arts and exploring all of your interests, even those you never knew about.

• Private
• Undergraduate enrollment – 1,787
• Admit rate – 17%
• Financial Aid forms required – FAFSA, CSS Profile
• Retention rate – 95%
• Mid 50% SAT/ACT range – 630-730/29-32
• Student to faculty ratio – 10:1
• No Greek life
• Auburn is the sister community
• Leader in study abroad
• Month long Spring term to focus on a single subject (5 week term)
• 4-4-1 calendar
• No core requirements
• Everyone writes a thesis, semester long project, one of your 4 classes taken during a semester of your senior year
• Test optional – Has been so for 30 years
• Relatively diverse campus – 26% identify as students of color
• Discussion of social and political issues
• Lewiston – Small, old mill town
• Founded in 1855 by abolitionists
• Inclusive community
• Guaranty on-campus housing all 4 years
• Outdoor orientation program that is student run, hiking in the mountains, kayaking down the coast
• Largest outing club in the US
• Involvement with the community, each student takes at least 1 course during their tenure at Bates that will involve you in the community, helping students (E.g., tutoring or speaking with them at the library, and working with refugees to assimilate into the community)
• Lewiston community involved at Bates on campus
• Apply what you learn in class in the community
• Symbiotic relationship with Lewiston and Auburn communities
• Shadowing Program where a student will shadow a professional for 3 days to a week either in the local area or in the greater New England area
• 4 classes per semester
• 2 out of the 4 years have students stick around for that 5 week term (Short term period) unique course offerings, potentially go abroad, China, London, Galápagos Islands
• Students participate 2-3 internships prior to graduation
• Can do research or be a TA for a class during the short term period
• Opportunities for students to try something different
• Top Fulbright Scholar producer in small liberal arts colleges
• First-year seminar – Enhances your writing and thinking skills and get used to the college class experience
• Declare major end of sophomore year
• 99% admit rate to law school, 75% to med school
• A lot of academic freedom
• Does pre-reads of credentials for athletes
• Performing Arts very popular – Music, theatre, dance, visual arts
• Do not need to be a fine arts major to participate in productions
• Meet 100% of financial need, with the average being $45k per year
• Avg. debt is $14k for graduates
• Financial aid travels with you abroad
• Demonstrated interest is considered, fill out the inquiry card at a college event, make contact
• Only 40% of applicants submit their test scores
• Interview highly recommended, either on campus or with an alumni
• Adjectives that describe the student body – Adventurous, collaborative, the friendly school
• No supplemental essay requirement

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