Bentley University, Waltham, MA

– 4,264 undergrads
– No Teaching Assistants at Bentley
– Never in a class with more than 40 students
– 12:1 student to faculty ratio
– Every student gets a laptop coming in and you trade it in at the end when you graduate and get a new one
– Great study abroad opportunities
– 2/3 of students get at least 2 internships
– 6 week course from career services working on your resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, and a company comes in to do a mock interview
– Very big on group projects
– June 1 – Campus will be smoke free
– Bloomberg certified
– Classes are twice per week, 1 hour 20 minutes each unless you take the “bomb” classes, which are once per week for 2 hours 40 minutes
– Facilities are current and pristine
– Strongest majors: Accounting, marketing, finance and management
– Blended majors: Corporate finance and accounting, Economics Finance and others
– Have to do a business core but can also major in the liberal arts
– Can interview but not evaluative
– Get accepted in general to university; do not have to apply to a specific major
– 95% retention rate
– Type of students that thrive: Hard workers, go-getters, take advantage of programs, those that get involved
– Do consider demonstrated Interest in admissions process
– Predominantly draw from Northeast and Mid Atlantic
– 15% international student population
– Cross over schools – Babson, BU, Northeastern, BC, Bryant, Fordham
– 3 levels of scholarship opportunities – 1/2, 1/3 or full tuition – Academic based
– Average ACT 28, SAT 600’s
– Greek Life – 11% participation, doesn’t drive the social scene

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