Best College for You

How to Select the Best College for You

During this critical time of making the final decision on which college to attend in the Fall from the list of schools you got accepted to, it’s always key to keep in perspective what is important when deciding. CBS This Morning had a former Dean from Stanford speak to them about just this topic. How do you select best college for you?

See the video and heed her advice. She specifically speaks to disregarding the rankings, visit each campus, and ask yourself: can you be yourself there, do you like the vibe and the students, focus on where you will thrive, feel comfortable and more. Ultimately it’s about a feeling, what you feel in your gut, something I always tell my families to pay attention to. Fit, fit and fit are paramount.

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About 85 percent of an estimated three million high school seniors this year are expected to head to college. Most students have until May 1 to commit to a school. Julie Lythcott-Haims, former Stanford University dean who hosts the Slate college admissions podcast, “Getting In,” joins “CBS This Morning” to discuss how to find the college best suited to the student and how parents can best support their children in the admissions process.

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