Brandeis University

Brandeis University, Waltham, MA

• 29 undergrads
• 10:1 student to faculty ratio
• Research institution
• Many live on campus all 4 years
• Requirements are broad and flexible
• Liberal Arts style curriculum
• Cross over schools: Other smaller liberal arts institutions and also larger schools
• Social Justice and inclusion focus, civic minded
• Founded 1948, founders wanted to be sure that certain demographics weren’t excluded from attending higher Ed
• Attract students with diverse interests
• Not a religiously affiliated university
• Louis Brandeis – 1st appointed Supreme Court justice
• Students involved in research, undergrad and grad students
• Sciences are the most popular majors
• Research happens across all disciplines
• 40% of students study abroad during their junior year, 300 programs around the world
• 280+ student run clubs
• 19 varsity sports
• Voted top school for community engagement
• Div III athletics
• Meet demonstrated financial need for domestic and international students
• Small % receive merit scholarships – 6-8%
• Test optional – Submit writing sample if not submitting test scores
• Early decision and regular decision, no early action
• Common app and proprietary app
• Can interview and it is evaluative and helpful during admissions process
• Consider demonstrated interest as a part of the admissions process
• Apply to the school in general other than for the combined BA/MA program
• Acceptance doesn’t vary greatly from Early Decision vs. Regular Decision
• Rated top 20 LGBTQ communities
• Traditional connection to the Jewish community, less than half are Jewish
• Great food options according to the students
• 3 Chapels on campus for Judaism, Catholicism and Protestant
• Very welcoming community

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