Brown University

Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island

As I drive towards Brown University it is clear that I’m in a part of Providence that is like no other. You enter the town that is quaint and clearly is there to support Brown. The New England and also collegiate feel is palpable and you just want to park and stay for a while. Walking in and around campus is a joy and all the positive thoughts I’ve ever heard about Brown come to life.
• 6,264 undergrad enrollment
• Open curriculum
• Cohesive community
• Reputation of being the “nice Ivy”, not hyper competitive even given the academic level of the student body
• Students value collaboration and motivation
• Rhode Island School of Design is right next door and the Brown students interact with them, getting involved with their artful neighbors
• Administration gets involved with the student body being responsive to their concerns
• Students are active in clubs and service
• Brown students feel a responsibility to serve society
• Environment facilitates social justice principles

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