Bucknell University

Bucknell University, Lewisburg, PA

• A large, sprawling campus for a school of only 3500 students
• Traditional campus feel
• Hip and cute downtown
• 3 colleges within the university – College of Arts and Sciences, Engineering, Management
• Apply to one of the schools for admittance
• 20% in Engineering, 15% Management, Remaining in Arts and Sciences
• They cap the number of students in Management and Engineering
• Overall standard to get accepted, skew a bit more competitive for Engineering
• Very Athletic environment – Lots of school spirit
• Average class size is 19 students
• Only 60 graduate students so emphasis is on the undergraduate student
• Unusual majors: Animal Behavior, primate lab on campus, research with bats, – Markets Innovation and Design – School of Management
• Linguistics very strong – 45% studying abroad
• 26% admit rate
• Biz Pitch (A mini Shark Tank) A competition, propose a business and will get help to bring it to fruition
• 5-year dual degree program in Engineering – Graduate with 2 Bachelors – Engineering and Management as an example
• Common App – No additional essays other than why did you select your major
• No interviews offered
• A lot more weight on the primary essay to know who you are
• All applications will go to committee
• Do not take into account demonstrated interest, but it is noted
• When you apply require the CSS Profile for financial aid
• Become need aware when they look at the wait list
• Good endowment
• Don’t meet 100% of need
• Merit aid ranges from $2,500 to full tuition, 80% receive merit aid
• ACT no writing, SAT, Old SAT
• 600’s SAT mid 50%, but are looking for students that may score mid 500’s if other pieces are higher performing
• GPA and transcript are most important
• No subject tests required – If you score very high though, submit
• 45% involved in Greek life, cannot participate 1st year
• Crossover Schools – Lehigh, Lafayette

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