Can Colleges Rescind Admissions?

You’ve been accepted to the college you want to attend. “Phew,” you think, “The pressure is off!” Not so fast. Don’t take that acceptance for granted. Colleges can rescind your admissions decision if there is good reason.

Why Colleges May Rescind Your Acceptance

Poor Grades

With an acceptance in hand, seniors can become more complacent about continuing to work hard in their classes, and grades may slip. This can impact your acceptance. Some colleges may request that your guidance office submit your first quarter and/or mid-year grades, and will ask for your final transcript as well. If they see significant drops, such as a D or even F, without a good reason, your admission is at risk. You could get a warning, or just a flat out notification of rescission. So don’t let your grades slide. Continue to put in the work so that all your previous hard work is not lost.

Disciplinary Action, Criminal Activity, and Offensive Behavior

Serious school infractions, such as a suspension, could lead to a school rescinding your admission. The same applies for any offensive or criminal activity that occurs inside or outside of school. What qualifies as offensive varies by school. When you apply to a school, you agree to that school’s policies – so check them.

Dishonesty on Your Application

Misrepresenting your test scores, activities, classes, or other information on your application, can result in admissions rescission.

Accepting Multiple Admissions Offers

You can only accept admission at ONE school. If you accept more than one offer, the colleges can revoke your acceptance.

Our Advice to All Seniors:

You’ve made it this far. We know it’s tough and you may be going through senioritis, but put forth the effort to get good grades in your classes and remain a stellar student and citizen so that you aren’t in the position where you could have your admission rescinded.

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