Can You Still Apply for Financial Aid After the Deadline?

Yes, you can apply for financial aid after a deadline, but it is very important to note that doing so can impact the amount of funds you receive. When you apply for financial aid late, you may receive less than you are eligible for – or perhaps, even more detrimental, you could be awarded nothing at all. Here is what you need to know about the deadlines.

If You Can Apply After the Deadline, What Does the Deadline Really Mean?

The financial aid deadline is kind of like a line in the sand that’s drawn where if you apply before the financial aid deadline, you will be considered for financial aid according to an average of what they typically provide depending on your financial aid position.

The Importance of Applying for Financial Aid BEFORE the Deadline

There is a finite amount of funds available; financial aid is not infinite. So, if you apply after the deadline, regardless of your financial aid position, you could receive little or no assistance. Even if your aid need is extensive, you may get no money because you failed to apply by the deadline and funds may have already been depleted.

Know All the Financial Aid Deadlines and Requirements

So, it’s really, really important to know the financial aid deadlines for each of the schools you’re applying to. It is also important to note that a school may have multiple financial aid deadlines: one for early action, another for early decision, and one for regular decision, depending on what that school offers. So be sure to look on the colleges’ websites to find out what their financial aid deadlines are as they differ by school – and make sure you submit your financial aid forms prior to then!

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