Audrey from Brookfield, Connecticut

Student Success

Audrey was a straight-A student in high school with very strong course rigor. She was diligent, focused, humble, and completely enveloped with our environment. It was clear to me from the start that she would make a positive change in our world one day.

Brody from Florida, New York

Student Success

Brody, who attended Seward High School in Florida, NY, is a reserved, analytical and intellectual young man who had an interest in computer science, but also was exploring a myriad of other majors.

Anita from Princeton, New Jersey

Alexa from Princeton, New Jersey

Student Success

Alexa, who attended West Windsor-Plainsboro High School near Princeton, NJ, is a quiet, mature, diligent, independent, and expressive young lady who wanted to major in economics and possibly computer science at a school that had a strong liberal arts curriculum.

Anita from Warwick NY, Northeastern-University

Anita from Warwick, New York

Student Success

Anita came to us in the middle of her junior year. From Warwick, in Orange County, she attended Warwick Valley High School. A hard working, diligent, respectful and focused young lady, Anita excelled in her math classes and knew that she wanted to apply to college as a business major. Her grades were solid, in the low to mid 90’s, taking some challenging courses throughout high school, including AP’s and honors classes.

Aubrey from Carmel, New York

Student Success

Aubrey, who attended Carmel High School in Putnam County, is a diligent, energetic young lady who wanted to major in business. Her transcript was solid with grades being in the 90’s throughout high school with a couple of grades in the 80’s mixed in. Her parents are divorced and it was important that she receive funding to assist her parents in putting her through college.


Joshua from Suffern, NY

Student Success

With 5000+ colleges and universities in the United States, the college selection and application journey is surely daunting to both students and their families. Our consultants streamline the process by helping to identify the schools that would be a best fit, breaking the application process down into manageable steps, and keeping students on top of upcoming deadlines.


Charlotte from Wappinger’s Falls

Student Success

Charlotte, who attended Roy C. Ketchum High School in the heart of Dutchess County, came to us in the middle of her junior year after we had worked with her older brother a few years prior. A high-achieving student with excellent course rigor, Charlotte is incredibly diligent and a deep thinker.


Jared from Cornwall NY

Student Success

Jared, from Cornwall, NY is one of the nicest young men you will ever meet. Respectful, sociable, hard working, incredibly diligent in everything that he undertakes. During high school, he took all of the most challenging courses.

University of Vermont

Elona from Cold Spring NY

Student Success

Elona came to us over the winter break holidays of her junior year, attending Haldane High School in the small community of Cold Spring, NY, where her graduating class is less than 80 students. Her quiet yet open persona warmed me to her immediately.

Andrea from Monroe-Woodbury

Student Success

Andrea, from Monroe, NY, is one of the nicest, most thoughtful and hard-working young people I have ever had the good fortune of meeting, getting to know, and working with on her college admissions journey.

University of Michigan

Mina From New Paltz NY

Student Success

Mina attended New Paltz High School in New York and is an independent, diligent and focused young lady who was interested in our environment, wanting to attend a college that was green in its philosophy.


Jackie From Warwick NY

Student Success

Jackie, from Warwick, New York, is a quieter, respectful and lovely young lady who had a passion for journalism and communications and wanted to be sure she would attend a college that provided a rich environment to fulfill her career dream.

Syracuse University Univ-Maryland

Marcia & Jacqueline From Goshen NY

Student Success

Marcia and Jacqueline from Goshen, NY, are fraternal twins – but are nothing alike. Marcia is more to the point, open and upfront with a bubbly personality and Jacqueline is more reserved and sophisticated, a thinker, and subdued. They both enjoy the arts, but in different ways: Marcia in fashion design and Jacqueline an accomplished dancer.

Elise From Washingtonville NY

Student Success

Elise is a young lady full of life. She is exuberant and is always a glass-half-full kind of person, a true joy to be around. She is positive and always finds the good in people. Elise is an only child who is independent, boisterous, and someone who speaks her mind. You always know where you stand with her.

Eric From Beacon NY

Student Success

Eric, from Beacon, NY, came to me the summer before his senior year after doing an extensive amount of research on college counselors in the Hudson Valley region (yes, all on his own!) and I was fortunate that he and his family decided to work with me in helping him through his college admissions journey.