Charlotte from Wappinger’s Falls


Embarking on the college search and application process is so exciting. It is the next step towards your life goals. But with all the actions involved in finding the right schools and applying to them, this process can be quite daunting and can quickly become overwhelming. The consultants at Signature College Counseling help make this time of your life less stressful and even enjoyable! We work with students and their families throughout the whole journey, from identifying potential schools to financial aid forms to final selection. Our goal is to help you find and attend the college that best fits you socially, academically, financially, and emotionally. Below is one example of a student we worked with. Her name has been changed to maintain her privacy.

A Signature College Counseling Wappinger’s Falls Success Story

Charlotte, who attended Roy C. Ketchum High School in the heart of Dutchess County, came to us in the middle of her junior year after we had worked with her older brother a few years prior. A high-achieving student with excellent course rigor, Charlotte is incredibly diligent and a deep thinker. Also athletic, she participated on the varsity volleyball team and thought that she may want to play volleyball in college, but that was not her primary criteria for finding the right fit school.

Determining Desired Demographics

Charlotte didn’t want a school in a completely urban environment, but rather a school where she could have a traditional campus to live within for her next four years. She felt she wanted a school that was mid-size, not huge, as in 25,000+ students who attend. We found as we went down her college search path that we considered smaller schools as well for perspective. She was very fortunate that her parents were not considering cost as a factor and were open to all schools that fit Charlotte on a social, academic and emotional level. Charlotte initially wanted to be within a 4-6 hour radius, but as time went on, she began to feel she wanted to be closer to home rather than further.

Unsure of her major – which I always feel is of no issue whatsoever with any student this age – Charlotte wanted to be sure that business was an available major at the majority of schools we selected for her. She also wanted a spirited, social, athletic, down to earth, motivated and independent student body, as well as professors who would be accessible and supportive. An avid athlete, Charlotte preferred schools that have at least a volleyball club team, but again, it wasn’t the primary criteria in school selection.

Creating the List of Potential Colleges

Charlotte was able to visit schools at varying points during her college admissions journey. While her list was not extensive, she selected schools that she knew if each was the only school she got into, she would be happy attending. She applied to five schools initially: University of Delaware (to their honors program), Bucknell, Villanova, Marist and University of Connecticut. Getting to know her well, at the tail end of her applying to her schools, I suggested she also apply to Syracuse. She hesitated, saying it was too far away and was it really going to be the right fit for her. I fervently thought it would be and, in the end, she did apply.

Choosing THE School – with the Help of Our Consulting Services

Charlotte got accepted to all but one school on her list, Villanova, which was impossible to get into the year that Charlotte applied. In the final week prior to May 1, which is the deadline for decision day and when a student needs to put their deposit down for their school of choice, she narrowed her list to Bucknell, University of Connecticut and University of Delaware. I convinced her to visit Syracuse since she had never done so and in the end, on April 30, she made the decision to attend Syracuse. She loved the school, the variety of excellent programs they offered, the feel of the campus and student body, the size, as well as the close knit community, both academically and socially. This was a school that Charlotte resisted until the very end, having false impressions of what the school was actually like. Once she opened her mind to the possibility, she realized that this was the school for her. At Signature College Counseling, we could not be happier for Charlotte and look forward to hearing all about her adventures to come!

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