Clemson University, Clemson, South Carolina

Clemson University is a large state university University that has great school spirit, high achievers as their student body and a beautiful campus.
See below for findings and attahEd for photos.
– Rated number 1 alumni network
– 54% admit rate
– 17,000 undergrads
– 23,000 applications for 3400 spots
– Median ACT 29, SAT 1280, GPA 4.2 out of state
– need to stay above 60% in state enrolled
– much more rigorous for acceptance than in state
– crossover schools NC State, Auburn
– big in engineering and the sciences, 1/3 of the accepted students
– toughest major is nursing and health sciences, early childhood education, graphic communications, elementary education
– 80 spots for direct admit nursing
– unique majors: packaging science (business, science and supply), graphic communications,
– 25% participate in Greek life
– need to apply to a specific major, arts and science for undecided and can transfer
– Less competitive majors to apply: Agriculture, business
– A lot of school spirit, 400+ clubs and organizations
– 14,000 – population of Clemson
– Not very diverse campus, looking to increase

Visit the Clemson University website.

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