Clemson University

Clemson University, Clemson, South Carolina

One of South Carolina’s most selective state universities, Clemson is located at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains and Lake Hartwell is right next door. With over a 1,400-acre campus, the spectacular grounds, traditional red brick buildings and an intense sense of school spirit surround you. And if you are interested in forests, or just a casual observer, the 17,500 acre Clemson Experimental Forest is nearby that is used for research, education, and recreation. The Tiger rules and if you are able to gain acceptance to this exceptional university, Clemson will live within you for as long as you shall walk this earth.
• Rated number 1 alumni network
• 54% admit rate
• 17,000 undergrads
• 23,000 applications for 3400 spots
• Median ACT 29, SAT 1280, GPA 4.2 out of state
• Need to stay above 60% in state enrolled
• Much more rigorous for acceptance than in state
• Crossover schools NC State, Auburn
• Big in engineering and the sciences, 1/3 of the accepted students
• Toughest major is nursing and health sciences, early childhood education, graphic communications, elementary education
• 80 spots for direct admit nursing
• Unique majors: packaging science (business, science and supply), graphic communications,
• 25% participate in Greek life
• Need to apply to a specific major, arts and science for undecided and can transfer
• Less competitive majors to apply: Agriculture, business
• A lot of school spirit, 400+ clubs and organizations
• 14,000 – population of Clemson
• Not very diverse campus, looking to increase

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