Colby College

Colby College, Waterville, Maine

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Rolling hills, vast athletic fields, and beautifully appointed buildings set on over 700 acres create the campus of Colby College. As the northernmost college in Maine, this small school provides its students with a friendly community.

• Private
• Undergraduate enrollment – 2300
• Admit rate – under 10%
• Financial Aid forms required – FAFSA & CSS Profile
• Retention rate – 93%
• Student to faculty ratio – 10:1
• Average Class size – 16

• Davis AI Institute first of its kind, offers an interdisciplinary approach and research opportunities across campus
• January Term provides unique opportunities to learn something out-of-the-norm or complete a short study abroad
• Strong majors include Biology, Environmental Sustainability, and Economics
• Core Curriculum encourages interdisciplinary exploration

• Students are engaged and inquisitive, seeking deep relationships and a desire to leave their fingerprints on the world
• Hundreds of clubs and activities keep students active on and off campus
• Spirited sports environment with competitive and well-attended DIII athletics – part of the New England Small Colleges Athletic Conference
• 45 US states and over 70 countries represented
• Study abroad is primary focus
• No Greek Life

• Applications are read holistically
• Interviews are optional
• Consider Demonstrated Interest

• Merit and Need based aid
• Meet 100% of demonstrated need

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