Colgate University

Colgate University, Hamilton, NY

• Rural, Upstate NY town
• Beautiful, sprawling campus
• 3,000 undergrads
• 26% admit rate
• Looking for ambitious students
• Rigorous course load
• Students interested in study abroad, connecting to the world
• Every application is read 2 or 3 times
• Looking for grades and performance in the classroom
• Looking at the whole picture, impact on community
• Look at student in the context of the school they are in
• If school offers AP classes students should take them, looking for a rigorous course load
• Crossover schools – Middlebury, Wesleyan, Lehigh, Lafayette, Colby
• Have Early Decision option
• 47% of the incoming class apply early Decision
• Early Decision is just as competitive as regular decision
• Athletes come in Early Decision
• Wide variety of clubs and organizations on campus
• A lot of opportunity for community service
• Students stay on campus
• 33% are involved in Greek life (can only join sophomore year or later)
• NCAA D1, Patriot league
• Big global focus in the classroom
• Meet 100% of need. Documents need to be in by 1/15
• CSS Profile required for financial aid
• Give aid To International students
• Economics most popular major, also English and Psychology
• Bio Chem major, Astro Geo Physics, Environmental Economics and Mathematics majors available
• Campus promotes environmental sustainability
• Top post grad career is business and communications, which aren’t defined majors
• Interviews not evaluative/considered in admissions decision
• Apply to school as a whole, not to a specific major
• Demonstrated interest doesn’t play into admissions decision but can play with students on the waiting list

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