College Acceptance: It’s Almost Christmas and I Haven’t Received Any Acceptances Yet!

College Acceptance: It’s Almost Christmas and I haven’t received any acceptances yet!

I haven’t received any college acceptance letters yet and it’s almost Christmas! Should I be worried?

This time of year I find myself talking students and parents off of a cliff since they haven’t received an acceptance yet from any of the schools they applied to. They’ve received deferrals and/or no communication outlining their college admissions decision from their schools.

We do have to note that we live in a world where information comes in a Nano second so waiting for anything is not something any of us are good at. Our expectations are now, not in a minute, leave alone days or even a month or more.

If you applied Early Action, that doesn’t mean you are assured a response prior to Christmas. On the contrary, these schools have thousands of applications to review and many won’t hear until sometime in January or even February. This doesn’t mean that because your friend, or even worse, your not so great friend, heard from the school you are chomping at the bit to hear from that you are going to get denied. I’ve called many admissions offices on behalf of my students to find out that their application hasn’t even gone under review.

As far as being deferred, don’t assume that this means you will automatically receive a decline sometime down the road. I’m not saying that you won’t but this means that at this point, you are still in the game. Certainly when it comes to the highly selective schools, such as the Ivy’s, if you weren’t accepted Early Decision with a 22% acceptance rate, the likelihood of being accepted when the rate is around 7% are not great odds. I never say “never” but being honest with yourself is important, if for no other reason than to keep your sanity.

The old adage of patience is a virtue comes into play here. You will hear from all of the schools that you applied to, I promise, and there will inevitably be some declines and hopefully some acceptances, if you ensured you applied to a safety school in your mix. And please remember that 6 months from now this distress and hysteria will be a distant memory and your only thoughts will be on the school that you were accepted to and you chose to accept in return.

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Elizabeth Levine, IECA Professional Member
Signature College Counseling