College Admission Interview

Don’t ever underestimate how important preparation is for anything, but specifically for your college admission interview.

Please Tell Me About Yourself

In my experience with college admission interviews, the applicants are always asked: “Please tell me about yourself.” Although it may seem like a simple question, the student’s reply provides insight into how they think, how they communicate and who they are.

Show Your Maturity

For example, by having an intelligent, well-thought-out response, you’ve let the interviewer know that you’ve anticipated the question and prepared, a sure sign of maturity. It also provides clues on how much or how little the student knows about themselves.

Next, it also shows how the student can demonstrate basic conversational skills. Every question, however insignificant it may seem, has a purpose.

Here are a few more examples:

• Why do you want to come to our college/university? This one is important and I can assure you will be asked! Be specific, understand why you want to attend that particular school.

• Have you had any jobs and, if so, what did you like about and learn from them?

Even if the information is in the application, it’s the person behind the application they want to see.

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