College Admissions Requirements

College Admissions Requirements: What High School Courses to Take

Oh no!! I needed one more year of Latin?

A good habit to get into when visiting college websites, or the colleges themselves, is to familiarize yourself with their high school and college admissions requirements. Besides a certain GPA, SAT score, essay and letters of recommendation, college admissions counselors will first review your high school transcript, to make sure you’ve taken the minimum courses they require for admission.

Just because you think you’ve had plenty of math classes, have you taken four years of it, have you taken the specific courses they need, like Algebra II, Trig or Pre-Calc? Does the college of your dreams require that you take Physics? How many years of a foreign language did you take (or are planning to take?). Should you take that fourth year of Spanish even though most schools just require three? Some colleges will look to see if you challenged yourself, past the required three years, to see if you went above and beyond.

Also, know there are plenty of schools that don’t have these kinds of requirements, so finding that right fit and where your credentials match those of the colleges you will be applying to is key in the planning of the schools to put on your list.

Knowledge is power, and can mean the difference between joy or utter disappointment in your college admissions journey.

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