College Application Follow Ups

College Application Follow Ups

So I’m hoping I got your attention with my subject line of PLEASE READ! I’ll make this simple and to the point since I know you want to get back to doing whatever it was you were doing prior to reading this Email. This is important so please read through my entire Email.

1. Read through your Email EVERYDAY! Why? (See bullet point #2)
2. The colleges you have applied to will begin to send you Emails letting you know that they have received your application AND (Go to bullet point
3. Most, if not all, will ask you to create a student portal so you can check on the status of your application (Don’t stop – Read bullet point #4)
4. Create your portal immediately! (Bullet point #5 please)
5. This portal will let you know what information they have received and what they still need…(Bullet point #6 now)
6. For information they have not received it is up to YOU, not your parents, to get them that information, whether it be your test scores, transcript or letters of recommendation, to name a few. (#7 now)
7. And don’t think just because your school or test center said they sent it that it will arrive. It has only arrived if the portal TELLS you that it’s there. Until that time, it hasn’t. (We’re getting there – Bullet #8)
8. If you have a school that does not ask you to create a portal then you need to call the schools admissions office and ask them what information
they have received and what is missing (#9 please)
9. You need to repeat this process until ALL of your colleges tell you that ALL of your information has been received (#10 finally, I promise)
10. No one cares about you as much as you do. YOU need to take responsibility and ensure that all of this information arrives to every one of the schools that you applied to. The only one it will hurt if you don’t is you….

You don’t want to be like a previous student of mine who didn’t read an important Email giving him a deadline that he then missed, putting him in a very precarious position (I won’t give you all of the gory details).

Heed my advice. Now you can go back to whatever it is that you were doing before you read this Email. Have a great day!

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