College-Bound Juniors – There’s No Kicking Back this Year

College-Bound Juniors – There’s no kicking back this year

Are you the hard-working ant, preparing for the future, storing up its winter supplies? Or the grinning green grasshopper, partying, procrastinating, who will eventually be starving when food gets scarce?

This Fable carries a lot of truths. As you start your Junior year, it’s time to face a few facts, and realistically review and prepare for the coming year’s college-prep activities.

‘Let’s consider your grades, and the upcoming SAT’s and/or ACT’s. What’s your GPA? Have you taken any practice SAT’s or ACT’s? Have you even seen any so that you can get an idea of how it’s laid out, the kinds of questions asked? The internet is filled with sample tests and advice, and you’ll be all the more prepared and less stressed when the test dates start creeping up. Most high schools will offer information about local tutoring companies, and there’s always your guidance counsellor who can advise you on what subjects to work on.

Throughout the year, there will be ample opportunities to make college lists, the ones you can easily get into based on their criteria, and your grades and student resume. Consider the school that you really, really, really have an interest in, but it’s on your “reach” list – meaning that you may fall a bit short in grades, so you will have to stand on your tippy toes, work really hard and REACH for it! Research the school’s online to see their Open House and college visit dates, and sign up as soon as you can so you get the date and time you want. Plot out where the colleges are located so you can visit a few during your trip.

While you may be thinking, “DUH, I know all this,” we say, “Yes, you may, but have you taken any action?” Be like the ant (groan!), and do little bits all year so come senior year, you’ve set up a winning foundation for the next steps. Plus, you won’t go hungry.

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