Marcia & Jacqueline From Goshen NY

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The college admissions journey is one of the most important times in a young adult’s life. It is when they get to explore their passions and gain a deeper understanding of themselves. While the journey can be filled with difficult decisions, we are here to make it as stress-free and enjoyable as possible. Signature College Counseling is comprised of a team of experienced consultants and coaches who are committed to finding the best fit for each individual student – socially, academically, financially and emotionally. We help with everything from the college search and managing the application process to essay guidance, interview preparation and financial aid.

We are proud of our reputation and our deep history of helping students in the Hudson Valley find and gain admission to all types of schools across the United States – private and public. All of our services are completely personalized to best fit the uniqueness of our students, as demonstrated by the Student Story below, which details our work with fraternal twins from Goshen, New York. Their names have been changed to maintain their privacy.

Two Signature College Counseling Goshen, NY Success Stories

Marcia and Jacqueline from Goshen, NY, are fraternal twins – but are nothing alike. Marcia is more to the point, open and upfront with a bubbly personality and Jacqueline is more reserved and sophisticated, a thinker, and subdued. They both enjoy the arts, but in different ways: Marcia in fashion design and Jacqueline an accomplished dancer.

Gaining a Deep Understanding of the Students’ Profiles and College Want List

Marcia spent the majority of her time throughout high school outside of academics as a gymnast, training and competing, as well as, no surprise, cheerleading during football season, which matched her outgoing personality. When she had the time, she volunteered throughout the community. During summers, she was a camp counselor and waitress at a sleepaway camp. Her creativity shined when she designed and sewed apparel, which was bold and exuberant. She also loved drawing and painting. Marcia knew that she wanted to go into the fashion design industry and so our focus was on schools that offered this as a major. She wanted a school in which the student body had some level of a Jewish population, and one which was ambitious, balanced and spontaneous. She preferred a school near or in a city with a campus or with a town accessible. Marcia did not want an urban school where the campus was part of the city.

Jacqueline, who was quite adept at learning and speaking French, wanted to experience a study abroad trip to Paris for a semester during college. She spent the majority of her hours outside of school dancing, whether it be in tap, lyrical, ballet, pointe, jazz or hip hop. She was quite accomplished, achieving Company level at the studio. She competed individually and with her team several times a year and performed frequently. Although dance was her passion and she wanted to remain involved in this during her college years, she chose to focus her college studies on international relations and political science (she was politically active during high school). Jacqueline wanted a focused, friendly and energetic environment, with a campus that was either in or in close proximity to a city. A totally urban environment was fine with her.

For both Marcia and Jacqueline, the cost of attending college was open and all colleges would be considered, regardless of the cost of attendance.

Finding Colleges that Checked Off All of the Boxes

For Marcia, I suggested Lasell College in Boston, Philadelphia University, Marist College, University of Rhode Island, University of Delaware and Syracuse University – all of which had strong fashion design programs and provided a variety of types of environments for her to research and choose from. For Jacqueline, I recommended American University and The George Washington University in DC – the political capital of the world – Boston University, University of Maryland, University of Massachusetts Amherst, and Penn State to name a few.

The End Result

On a very positive note, Marcia got accepted to all of the colleges and fashion design programs to which she applied and chose to attend Syracuse University. She had incredible exposure and hands-on experience in the fashion design world through the school’s extensive programs and is so happy to be there. Jacqueline got accepted to all of her schools, other than a couple that were highly selective. She absolutely fell in love with University of Maryland, the large campus, being 20 minutes from DC, the breadth of the political science and international affairs program, and chose to attend there. Twins, completely different, all the way through college, and I’m sure, beyond.

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