College Consultant Orange County NY Helps Students with NCAA Requirements

College Consultant Orange County NY Helps Students with NCAA Requirements
by Elizabeth Levine, Signature College Counseling

College recruiting and National Collegiate Athletic Association requirements and rules can be very complex. It is important to follow all rules diligently, or you may be at risk for being disqualified from the recruiting process and participating in these sports at the college level.

Even when a college has made you a formal offer, grades, SATs, and high school course requirements have to be met for you to play a Division I or II college sport.

One recent client of ours was a football player being recruited by Div IAA and II colleges. He had the courses necessary to meet the NCAA minimum requirements, but his grades, coupled with his SAT/ACT scores were not up to par and bordering not meeting the NCAA rules. Several of the Div I schools withdrew their offer because of his grades. I’m happy to say, after much work and research, he received an offer from a school that met his needs.

Go to the NCAA Eligibility Center online that certifies the academic and amateur credentials of all college-bound student-athletes who wish to compete in Division I or II athletics. For the NCAA Eligibility Center Quick Reference Sheet, click here.

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