College Counseling Videos

College Counseling Videos

Video Talks with Liz. This is a series of short videos, 30 seconds to about 3 minutes in length. Each video will speak to important points on the college admissions and financial aid process that you won’t want to miss. Stay tuned each week and join Liz to gain valuable insight into each of these daunting journeys.

Going on a road trip to visit colleges? Nice but have you planned on what you will do when you get there? Watch this Tuesday Talks With Liz and find out what your game plan should be so you make the most out of each and every college visit.

Use Naviance to understand how you stack up against your peers.

Get the inside scoop on what it means to transfer to another college.

Happy new year and make 2019 all about the plan and being proactive in your college admissions journey.

Is this college a financial fit for me? Figuring out if a college is generous for you is imperative. Watch this Tuesday Talks With Liz and gain insight into understanding this critical piece to your college admissions journey.

Sitting back and wondering when is the right time to start that college search piece of your college admissions journey? Watch this Tuesday Talks With Liz and don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today.

You get an email from one of the colleges you applied to and they ask to set up an interview with them tomorrow! What do you do? Panic? No! Watch this Tuesday Talks With Liz and find out the 2 questions that you absolutely need to be prepared for.

Wanting to apply early action and think you have plenty of time since it’s only early September? Think again. The race is against time and there’s plenty of steps that need to be completed prior to hitting that “Submit” button”. Watch this Tuesday Talks With Liz to get a peek under the tent on what needs to occur.

So you’ve completed your primary essay, you’ve filled out as much as you can on your applications and you now have your supplemental essays to work on. Piece of cake, right? You can sit back and enjoy the rest of your summer and worry about those later. Ah, no!!! Watch this Tuesday Talks with Liz and understand, once again, that you shouldn’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today.

How does Naviance fit into my college application process? Watch this Tuesday Talks with Liz and find out who uses it and what it is used for.

I get this question all the time and the answer is in this Tuesday Talks with Liz. It’s all about making a plan. Watch and learn.

What is the 1 question you should ask when deciding on your college list?
How many reach, target and safety schools should I have on my list and what are my chances of getting into each? Watch this Tuesday Talks with Liz and gain an understanding of the importance of the 1 requirement that is a must in deciding which schools to apply to.

I always say “Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today.” Being proactive in your college application process will save you angst and stress down the road. Watch this Tuesday Talks With Liz and see how you can jump on your college applications now.

Wondering how to find those best-fit colleges that you want to apply to? Watch this Tuesday Talks With Liz and gain an understanding about the depths to which you need to go to find this out.

Should I attend the college fair at my high school? I get this question frequently. To find out the answer, watch this Tuesday Talks With Liz and see how this can be beneficial, if done properly.

Will applying early decision help my chances to get into my school of choice? Watch this Tuesday Talks with Liz and learn about the risk vs. the reward and how the landscape is becoming even more competitive as each admissions year passes.

Why can it be important to visit colleges during your college admissions journey? Besides the obvious reason of seeing if it is a good fit, there’s something called “Demonstrated Interest” which can play an important role and a difference in getting an acceptance vs. being declined.

Understanding your bottom line, your out of pocket costs, when it comes to paying for your child’s college education, is paramount. Only compare the merit and financial aid funds you receive as it relates to each school’s cost of attendance and your bottom line. Watch this video to ensure you understand the importance and the difference between the two.

Acceptances are rolling in, it’s time to make the decision on where to attend this Fall and you need to figure out how to finance your child’s college education. Watch this video to better understand the Federal Direct Student Loans as well as the Parent Plus Loan. No matter how you choose to do, Federal or private loans to fund your child’s education, be sure you understand the rules and boundaries and what it means for you down the road.

Make sure you compare each schools’ net cost to you BEFORE you make your final decision. You’ve gotten many acceptances and are thrilled, and you should be. But now comes the time to get real and compare each schools’ net cost to you.

Although this is a video from a sitcom where a family receives their financial aid award letter, reflecting their “happiness” about being broke, we all know this isn’t a joke in real life. Always remember the 3 legs to financing your child’s college education stool: At the beginning of your college search, define your financial boundaries, know your financial aid picture and understand the generosity of the colleges you are applying to.

Making plans to visit some colleges? Watch this video to be sure you plan and prepare for your visit to get the most out of it and you don’t leave without having all of the information you need to help make a decision on whether you would like to apply, or not.

The third leg to the stool in financing your child’s college education is understanding a colleges generosity, and relating it your financial boundaries and financial aid picture. Watch this to touch the surface on pulling together this ever-important picture in paying for college.

Watch this Tuesday Talks With Liz to fully understand why this leg of the stool is critically important to financing your child’s college education. Dismissing it can send you down a dangerous road.