College Interview Season

College Interview Season Is Here

College interview season is almost upon us and you need to be ready! “What are your strengths?” “What are your challenges?” These two questions may come up in your college interview. How will you answer them?

What Are Your Strengths?

A strength can be a subject that you do well in, or it can be how you have mastered stress, or have learned to be organized. Maybe you had a fear of the water, so you took swimming lessons, and now you feel you can do anything. Getting strong at something means that you need to work at it.

What Are Your Challenges?

A challenge, we ALL have them. To not have an answer may seem that you have a too big of an ego, that you don’t know yourself, or feel that challenges are a sign of weakness. They’re not! We need to own up to them and understand and explain how we overcome them. If you’re not good at math, for example, say so. You could say, “I have weak math skills, so I compensate by double-checking my numbers, and use a calculator.” By saying it this way, you’ve turned a negative answer into a positive one. Or maybe you have trouble with confrontation, so you have compensated by rehearsing difficult conversations, so you feel more confident. By showing how you’ve adapted to a challenge is a sign of maturity.

Before Your Interview…

Before your college interview, make a list of your strengths and challenges, practice talking about them, so you’ll be more comfortable and confident when it comes up.

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