College of Charleston

College of Charleston, Charleston, South Carolina

This is the second time I visited College of Charleston and as much as I loved it the first time, the second time was even better. The city is robust enough for everyone to enjoy but small enough to be manageable and intimate: incredible charm, so much available to do, incredible food, art, shopping and more. The campus, located in the city but with some campus areas, is charming and bustling with students. Very impressed with the school and those that represented the school as well as their majors and philosophy. Due to there being a large pull from the Northeast and the metropolitan feel, it is an easier transition for a student from the Northeast. Certainly a school to consider. See below for my notes and attached photos.
• Established 1774
• Liberal Arts college
• Special programs: Interdisciplinary Center for Applied Technology: ICAS students develop technological innovations and are given seed money and work in small groups to develop new tech/business innovation. Starts as a college project and ends up as a real business. Experiential and entrepreneuriL
• Undergraduate focused institution: 15:1 student to faculty ratio, 26 average class size, largest room holds 150 but is used for guest speakers, largest introductory class size is 60
• Fastest growing majors: Exercise Science, Public Health, Finance, Arts and Management
• 250 tech start ups in Charleston
• Internships: Google, Boeing, Amazon, Volvo
• Partnership with medical – University of South Carolina
• Research opportunities
• Honors College
• 20% participate in Greek life
• Admissions stats: 1110-1260, 23-27, A/B average
• Not. Common App
• Cost of attendance for out of state: $41,000
• Special programs: Historic Preservation, BFA Studio Art, BFA Theater, Marine Biology
• 60% of students from in state
• Northeast a great pull
• Crossover schools: University of Richmind, Wakeforest, Elon, Northeastern

Visit the College of Charleston website.