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We offer an array of services where you can choose the plan that is best suited for you. It is individualized and specific to your needs. You can select from the options below or we can tailor a plan that fits your requirements. Remember, it’s all about you!

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Initial and Comprehensive Plans

Initial Consultation

• Review student records and any other relevant academic, social and emotional information

• Meet to discuss student’s strengths, learning needs, goals, plans and aspirations appropriate to college placement as well as review of packet with proprietary, useful college admissions tools (yours to keep provided in PDF format) and services offered

• If additional services are contracted initial consultation fee will be applied towards the total fee

Comprehensive College Counseling Plans

• College Search: Prepare list, and associated detail for each school, of college’s based on academic, social, financial and geographic parameters

• Application Assistance and Essay Guidance: Assistance with preparation of all essays, supplements, applications and resume

• Interview Preparation: Preparation for college interviews

• Career Assessment: Career inventory assessment outlining strengths in selecting college majors and careers to match thinking style, personality traits and interests

• Financial Aid Counseling: Review financial aid basics, your finances as they relate to college, calculation of Expected Family Contribution, federal and state funds available, loan awareness, guidance in completing the FAFSA, CSS Profile and analysis of financial aid award letters

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Individual Plans

College Search

• Research to prepare list, and associated detail for each school, of college’s based on academic, social, financial and geographic parameters

• Meet to discuss list of colleges, with follow up and reworking, if necessary

• Estimated calculation of Expected Family Contribution relating to Financial Aid to use in selection of best fit colleges

• Review estimated financial aid package for selected colleges

• Meet to discuss application strategy and other college admissions related questions, including recommendations and type of application submission (ED/EA/Regular)

• Does not include essay and application supervision

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Essay Guidance

• Work with student to brainstorm topics for college essays/personal statement

• Oversee essay preparation

• Review essays for flow and accuracy

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Interview Preparation

• Review of commonly asked college interview questions and appropriate responses, unique to student

• Role playing by working through a mock interview

• Pre-interview check list and process to follow

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Application Assistance

• Assistance with preparation and review of all applications, supplements, resume, if required, and submission of standardized test scores (excludes essays)

• Final consultation to compare schools financial impact, inclusive of financial aid award letter comparison, and analyze/assist in enrollment plans

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Financial Aid Counseling

• Meet to review financial aid basics, process packet and provide guidance and supervision in completing the FAFSA, CSS Profile, if applicable, inclusive of Email and phone assistance and answering questions regarding the FAFSA form after the initial meeting as well as analysis of financial aid award letters

• Package personalized to review your finances and investments, how they relate to your estimated EFC (Expected Family Contribution), calculation of your estimated EFC, review financial aid basics, federal and state funds available, loan awareness and field any questions

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Final Consultation for Selection of School Choice

• You’ve gotten accepted to a series of colleges and now you need to make the final choice, that one school where you will be spending the next four years of your life.

• For many, this is can be the most heart wrenching and daunting piece of the process.

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9th and 10th Grade Consultation

Meet twice per year, or more frequently if needed, to provide:

• Guidance on course selection

• Assess extracurricular activities and community service

• Review transcript to date and expectations

• Provide year by year suggested direction, responsibilities and activities

Career Assessment

• Provide an overview of unique strengths, talents and abilities

• Assist students with selecting majors and degrees that match their thinking style, personality traits, and interests

• Identify career possibilities and provide insight into occupations for the competitive workforce

• Introduce a mechanism for individuals to learn about their abilities and validate their major and career choices

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