Final Consultation for Selection of School Choice

You’ve gotten accepted to a series of colleges and now you need to make the final choice, that one school where you will be spending the next four years of your life. For many, this can be the most heart wrenching and daunting piece of the process. It will be the most significant decision you will make to date in your life and one of the largest financial investments your parents will undertake, leave alone the desire to have their child be happy, thrive and grow over their college career. Read more to learn about our college choice final selection consultation service.

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The Final Decision

At Signature College Counseling we have gotten to know you as a student, as a family and understand your needs and desires for your college experience. In addition, we understand, from a neutral perspective, what each of these colleges can bring to you, socially, academically, financially and emotionally, ensuring that the school you attend will be your SAFE match.

Whether you have been with us throughout your entire college admissions journey or are at the point of making that final decision and would like our insight in helping you make this decision, consulting with us can help make your final choice clear and definitive.

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