College Essay Guidance

Many times it’s the most mundane topic that makes the best college essay. A student writing about their hair, their nose, the drive every other week to their Dad’s house, the chicken soup their Mom makes and bring the writer to life from a piece of paper, drawing in the reader and giving them invaluable insight to who you are. The college essay is unlike any other writing piece that the student has undertaken and can play a powerful role in the admissions counselors view on acceptance to their school.

We work with you to find the right story, the one that defines you to the core and can exemplify who you are. It is not about touting how great you are or the immeasurable contributions you have made to the world today. After all, let’s remember, you are just 17 years old. It’s about you and only you.

Parents ask me what colleges are looking for in a student’s college essay. Should Joey or Katy write about their travels to South America when they helped build a house or about a club that they were a leader of. Maybe, but maybe not . Trying to guess what a college admissions counselor will view in a positive light and tailoring your essay accordingly, trying to be someone you’re not or write about a topic that isn’t near to your heart won’t make the cut. These admissions counselors read thousands of essays and can tell if you are writing to impress them vs. writing about something special about you.

It is our job to find that right story, guide you through writing it, in your words, and bringing it to life. It is not about someone else writing your essay and it reading as though you weren’t the writer. I can assure you, college admissions officers can tell if you wrote it. It is about portraying you for who you are. Everyone has a story and we help you find out what your story is.