College Planning – Initial Consultation

As the time draws near for my prospective college planning clients to arrive I wait with excited anticipation wondering what their college dreams are and how will I be able to help them.

When I open the door to see a family for the first time, I look into their eyes, and am eager to hear about their family, about the student and the questions they have about their college admissions journey. If there is one thing I have learned, every family and student are unique in who they are and what they need during this process. There are always similarities but also differences that make their journey unique.

We sit down and I review all of their information, which provides me insight to who the student is and what they have accomplished thus far. I then ask questions, not only of the student but of the family as well, to further delve into what it is that they are curious about, need answers to and support for during their college admissions journey.

The decision for a family to partner with me in helping them with their college admissions process is one that needs to be thoughtful to ensure that working together provides the platform for a successful journey. I encourage my families to meet with me so I can better understand the student and the families needs and how they can understand who I am, how I work, and if we are a good match for each other.