When I work with a family through my Comprehensive College Counseling Plans everything is taken care of from start to finish. The family breathes a sigh of relief and a time that would otherwise be incredibly daunting and stressful now has a sense of excitement and welcomed anticipation.”
~ Elizabeth Levine, Founder, Signature College Counseling

Guidance Every Step of the Way

Signature College Counseling provides guidance and management of your timeline every step of the way, beginning with college search, the entire application process, inclusive of a student’s essays, and, dependent on the plan you select, interview preparation, career assessment, financial aid counseling, including completion of all financial aid forms, finishing with your college selection.

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The foundation of the process is finding a set of colleges that are a match for the family and student, not only academically but socially, emotionally and financially as well – what we coin as a student’s SAFE match. The Signature team starts by working through our College Search Questionnaire that has over 50 touch points where we discuss the student’s and family’s needs and desires in great depth.


Included in this is a financial aid assessment so we all understand what the family’s financial needs are and where the family stands through the eyes of a college.


At this point, we go back and begin to compile a comprehensive college search packet, which provides the select list of colleges and associated key information. We meet with you to walk through the list, where we provide our overview of each and why we made these selections. College search doesn’t end there. It is an evolution that is fluid and ever-changing, as the student and family go through their discovery of what they are looking for in their college experience, with the potential for the list to evolve as we go through their journey.

Application and Timeline Management

We manage the application process ensuring that all of the “I’s are dotted and T’s crossed” making sure no stone is left unturned and everything is managed proactively. The student is carefully guided through their essays and student resume and their applications completed to present them in the best light possible.

Pathway Planner™

Signature College Counseling partners with Pathway Planner™ to provide a career assessment, which helps provide clarity on what strengths the student has in helping them with a major and career direction. This service is included in our Premium Comprehensive Plan and can be purchased a la carte as well. Click here to read more about Pathway Planner™.

Consistent Communication

Communication is the key. Whether it be through in-person meetings, via Skype, Zoom, Facetime, phone or email conversations or text messages, we are here for families with all of their questions and concerns to help set them up for the best opportunity for success

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