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At Signature College Counseling, we love educating students and families about the college planning process. As you can see from our blogs and videos, we really want to share our knowledge to help you successfully navigate this process. We also give FREE college planning webinars throughout the year. Anyone can view them, all you have to do is sign up. You can find information on upcoming webinars on our Presentations page. We recommend that you follow us on Instagram or Facebook, where we announce new webinar dates, as well as post links to our latest blogs and videos. We know you have so many questions during this journey, and these webinars and our other content address a broad range of popular topics.

Our Webinars Dive into Admissions, Standardized Tests and Financial Aid

We offer several, different webinars, including:

College Planning and Financial Aid: What You Need to Know.

This is an overall webinar that provides college admissions tips focusing on:

The college search
The application process
The college essay
SAT vs. the ACT
How college choice will affect your bottom line
College sticker prices and what they really mean
A real-life example of a family’s financial aid picture and how this affects the decision they make
Making the final choice

Calculating Your Expected Family Contribution (soon to be called the Student Aid Index)

Navigating the SAT and ACT Landscape

Some Additional College Planning Advice

If we’re going to talk about college planning, I want to stress that searching for information on the colleges that you’re considering applying to is really important. This is not a time where you just do a very superficial view of each college. You need to go in depth, gathering information from all different kinds of sources, whether it be from our content, attending virtual information sessions for the colleges, or searching other informational websites like College Board’s Big Future, which has college visits so to speak, or college information sessions, as well as virtual college fairs. If you are going to attend one of these fairs, you need a plan. Look at the list of schools and figure out which schools you’re interested in and then attend those events. There’s typically well over 100 colleges, maybe even more than that, which attend and it’s overwhelming if you don’t make a plan.

Looking for help with the college search and application process? We help students and families through the entire college planning journey – from search, applications and essays to interview prep, financial aid consultation and final school selection.

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