College Process: Do It Together

College Process: Do It Together

Some parents feel that their high school student should brunt the load in their college process. Make the calls, do the research, take the initiative. “They’re going to have to do this in life,” I hear, and I get it. We all want our kids to be proactive, become more independent, and do these kinds of things for themselves. But take the lead in the college application process?

This is not the time for this.

I equate this to taking out a mortgage. There’s a lot to understand, with similar financial implications, like the terms of the loan for instance, the percentages, and documentation. Would you put all of this into the hands of your child? Of course, not. So, consider their college journey the same way. I suggest that parents and caregivers use this as a life lesson, and a time for their student to learn more about themselves. Like, do they want to experience four years with winters up north or down south? Dorm or not dorm? Be one hour away, or a plane ride?

Also, science tells us that (I’m sorry guys, but it’s true) their brains aren’t fully formed enough to understand the ramifications of their choices. So, we’re asking them to make one of the biggest decisions of their young adult life. My advice is let them find their own jobs, get out of their own dilemmas, have a difficult conversation with a friend or teacher, but with the college process, do it together.

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