College Regular Decision Notification Dates

So you have applied to one or more schools regular decision. Now, the waiting begins. The anticipation is driving you crazy. How long will it take for the schools to respond to my application? When will I hear whether I have been accepted or not? These are very common questions that I’m sure every college-bound student asks themselves. Unfortunately, there is no definitive date. Decision notification dates vary from school to school.

Decision Dates Are School Specific

As with every other aspect of the college application process, notification dates are school specific. For example, if two schools’ regular decision deadlines for submitting applications is January, one school may notify you about your decision in February and the other school in March. You just don’t know.

Some schools set March 31st as their regular decision notification date, with some even waiting until April 1st to let you know your admissions status.

There are some highly selective schools that will set a hard date and time of day on which they are going to release their regular decision admissions notifications so that they release all decisions together. Other schools simply release them as time goes on. So, really, you can receive your admissions response anytime after you submit your application.

Is There a Final Date or Deadline for all Regular Decision Notifications?

You should receive a regular decision admissions notification by March 31st or April 1st the latest. We always consider April as decision month, when you can explore and then decide which school you are going to attend.

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