College Rejection Letter Just Arrived:
What Now?

College Rejection Letter Just Arrived: What Now?

You submitted your applications and are anxiously awaiting for the responses to arrive. You’re thrilled when your first acceptance presents itself and you feel elated, rightfully so! You are definitely headed to college! But then that ill-fated rejection rears its ugly head and you are devastated. You begin to wonder if every other response will be a rejection and this must be a reflection of who you are.


You need to understand that practically every student will receive a rejection from at least one of the schools they applied to and realize that this is just a part of the process. Not only is this a part of the process, but this is part of life.

Not everyone gets a trophy, as we did participating on our first soccer team in elementary school. Likewise, not everyone gets accepted to all of the schools that they applied to. Take this experience and move it forward with you in a positive light, understanding that this doesn’t define who you are. On the contrary, focus on the colleges that have accepted you and know that one of them will be the school that will have the pleasure of you experiencing the next phase of your life.

Most importantly, embrace that life brings disappointments and if it didn’t, we would never have the pleasure of growing and flourishing in our lifetime and then having the ability to impart our wisdom on others who are going through it for the first time.

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