College Search – Don’t Leave Anything to Chance

Here’s a short story about the importance of doing a thorough college search.

A friend’s daughter went off to a school upstate. Little did she know that a good percentage of the students lived nearby and went home on weekends. It was a shock to her system when she realized that she’d be on her own during the one time in the week that she could socialize, go off and explore with roommates, and get a break from studying.

How did she get into that predicament? By not seeing the big picture. Sometimes we want something so badly that the blinders go on, or we just don’t consider anything but the basics, like major, location and price.

Take club and intramural sports.

Take club and intramural sports. Maybe they play more a part in your life than you think so be sure to not leave them out of the college search equation. Do you let off steam by playing soccer, then your choices should include a non-competitive soccer club; they’re out there. Or, if you’re an amateur photographer and would enjoy going off with like-minded students for a photo field trip, then check for photo clubs.

Don’t leave your college search to chance.

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