College Searching?

Are you a student looking for the right college for yourself? Or a parent looking for your child? Confused about the choices, the options, the costs and the process?

Let Signature College Counseling help guide you through the process.

Start by attending one of our FREE College Admissions and Financial Aid Presentations, hosted by local libraries.

Spring 2017 Presentation Schedule

Demystify the daunting college admissions process and gain insight to this complex and stressful experience. Reserve your spot today!
4/6/17 – 6:30-7:30pm – Monroe Free Library: 44 Millpond Pkwy, Monroe, NY 10950


Topics Discussed:

College Admissions
College Search – The importance of finding the right fit
Your academic profile and what it means
The College Essay – The important of topic
The Application Process
The SAT vs. the ACT
Managing Deadlines
Making the final choice

College Financial Aid
Can you afford to pay for college?
How college choice will affect your bottom line
What matters and what doesn’t when understanding your financial aid outlook
College sticker prices and what they really mean
What is Expected Family Contribution and how it will impact my bank account
Where most of the money comes from
Financial aid basics
Real life example of a families financial aid picture and how this affects the decision they make