College Visit Road Trip

College Visit Road Trip!
Let us ask you a question.

If you were planning a camping trip, what would you do first? (That’s ok, take a few minutes.)

Well, for one, you’d make a list of what you must take with you. Things like a sleeping bag, tent, bug spray, maybe a map (in case there are no charging ports in the forest), hats, water bottles, cooler, non-perishables, and the like. You get it.
And why would you make this list? So you know when you’re pulling out of the driveway, you’ve packed what you need.

That’s exactly what you have to do for a college road trip – when you pile into the car, onto the bus, or board the plane, you’ve prepared, you know what you’ll need to ask and what to see.

So that means two lists: #1, questions to ask admissions, the student tour guides, financial aid reps. #2, places to visit, like the library, the dorms, the cafeteria/food court, and what’s around the college (Mass transit? Shuttle busses? Malls? Cultural Sites?) Take advantage and find all this out when you’re there.

As for the exact questions to ask, there are quite a few depending upon your major, or lack thereof, your favorite sport, even your financial status. Google “Questions I should ask on a college tour.” Categorize them by subject, academic questions and student life, for example. Remember, along with studying, you’ll also be enjoying some kind of a social life there – as much or as little you want. So look into all of it during your visit. Oh, and make sure to get a college map, and highlight places of interest.

Remember, you don’t want to be on your way home and have regrets since you missed something you really wanted to see. It’s all the preparation!