DePaul University

DePaul University, Chicago, Ill

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An urban campus with a quad located in the high-end Lincoln Park section of Chicago, DePaul offers a breadth of opportunities in and outside of the classroom. Welcoming, friendly mid-larger size school being in one of the greatest cities in the US, DePaul doesn’t disappoint and may very well be for you. Take a peek.

• Private
• Undergraduate enrollment – 14,816
• Admit rate – 68%
• Financial Aid forms required – FAFSA
• Retention rate – 84%
• Mid 50% SAT/ACT range – 539-679/22-28
• Student to faculty ratio – 16:1
• More competitive programs in music and theatre
• Largest Catholic University in the nation
• Largest University with a primary mission to service and teaching
• Test Optional, 10-14% will Apply Test Optional
• Large transfer population, very transfer friendly
• 2 campuses – Lincoln Park and Loop campus’s
• Lincoln Park campus is more traditional with a quad but still urban
• Difference between campuses are the majors offered
• Loop campus – Business, computing and digital media and communication
• Train goes right through Lincoln Park campus and goes right through to the Loop campus – 10-15 minute train ride
• 300+ programs
• Majority of classes have < 30 students
• 10 different colleges and schools
• Many combined degree programs to earn and a bachelors and a masters
• BA/JD Program – Completed In 6 years
• Film and Television major – Cooperative Program with an active production lot in Chicago – Cinespace – Largest studio outside of LA
• Conservatory for theatre and music
• A good portion of theatre students pick up a minor
• Difficult to double major if in the BFA program
• Theatre – Separate admissions process, look at the web site for requirements
• Art needs to speak the loudest
• Theatre school is around a 10% admit rate
• Offer scholarships to 100% of their theatre students, $15k-$30k
• Have musical theatre training within the acting program
• Do offer theatre studies minor
• Music has a Bachelors of Arts option, in addition to Bachelors of Music
• Have a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Sound and Technology
• Academics operate on the quarter system
• All students receive a CT Pass which allows them to ride the train system for free
• 30% of students identify as Catholic but the population is diverse and DePaul is not an overly religious school
• Discover Chicago orientation – Come in a week before everyone comes in to meet peers and explore Chicago

Visit the DePaul University website.