Dickinson College

Dickinson College, Carlisle, PA

• Drive through the very well appointed town and then there is Dickinson
• 2,400 students
• Friendly, welcoming environment
• Art requirement – 1 semester
• Give merit aid
• Language requirement – 3rd level
• Archaeology major
• 2/3 of students study study abroad
• Mosaic program – Take 4 like classes in 4 weeks and then go study abroad for 6 weeks in that area
• Avg. class size 15, max out at 35
• Green, sustainable, minded school, many LEED certified buildings
• 5 miles outside of town is an organic farm that the college owns, to be used for classes, volunteering and paid work. 60% used for food at the school, remainder used for needy families in the area
• Physics, Geology and Biology majors
• Impressive labs
• Have a planetarium
• Housing guaranteed all 4years
• Public road weaving throughout the campus streets
• DIII, Athletes have own gym
• Bike friendly campus, can rent it at any rime or for the semester, part of tuition
• Doesn’t feel like your typical quad type of campus
• Not a lot of school spirit through athletics
• Good balance between academic and social
• CSS Profile – Financial aid form
• Run 13 of their own study abroad programs around the world
• Students required to take a sustainability course
• Most popular – International Business, Bio, Economics, Psych
• Unusual majors: Classics, Environmental Studies majors
• 25% participate in Greek life
• Sustainable living dorm
• Demonstrated interest plays a significant part, email, visits, send extra material with app
• Apply to the school in general, not by major
• ACT median 28-32, borderline, 1250 new SAT
• Meet 100% of need, read applications need aware
• $7500-$20,000 in merit aid (New SAT considered for top would be 1350 and 30, 10% receive
• Strongly recommend Interviewing, alumni and can be off campus

Visit the Dickinson College website.