Dig Deep to Find Your Best College Match

Dig Deep to Understand What Your Best College Match Looks Like

College-ChoiceIf anything, the college search is a way to get to know yourself or, if you’re a parent reading this, an opportunity for your child to go deep within and discover themselves. Now, we don’t mean to get all “new age,” but consider the kinds of questions a junior or senior will start asking themselves. Questions like, “what subjects interest me enough to pursue on a bigger scale?” or “do I like to be around a lot of people, or prefer a quieter environment?” “Big city life, or out where nature is at your fingertips?” Sometimes the answers don’t come quickly, it’s a bit of trial and error. Just like life.

As you begin the college search, let’s consider the questions that have to do with the learning environment, such as:

• Do I think my grades would suffer if I was in a large auditorium listening to a lecture with 100 other students, or in a classroom with around 30 or less?
• Does it matter to me whether there’s a lot of interaction between the students and instructor? Do I like to linger and ask questions, or once the class is over, I’m out the door.
• Do I seem to become more interested when the classroom conversations turn more scholarly and intellectual, versus rudimentary and more casual?
By answering, or even just being aware of the options available will steer you towards the ideal learning institution for the next 2 to 4 years.

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