Do Colleges Look at Weighted GPA?

This is a question that typically weighs heavily on every student’s mind. You’re taking more difficult classes – honors, AP, courses offered through colleges. These more difficult classes require more work, both in terms of actual workload, daily preparation and studying. So, of course you would want a college to give your grades in these classes greater weight when considering your application than regular track courses. So what consideration do colleges give to these more challenging courses? Here is a simplified overview.

Weighted GPA on the High School Transcript

The first thing college admissions officers look at is typically the high school transcript. Generally, a student’s weighted GPA is listed on that transcript, along with all the courses you took and grades you received throughout high school. So, if your transcript contains a weighted GPA, the college will look at it.

How Does One School’s Weighted GPA Compare to Another School’s?

So the weighted GPA is on the high school transcript, but what does this exactly mean? The weighted GPA is different amongst all the high schools in the United States because each school may weigh courses differently. Additionally, some high schools have high honors, AP and IB courses, while others may not have these offerings. So how do college admissions officers take into account a weighted GPA with so many differences among high schools? When they look at the student’s weighted GPA, they consider the courses the student has taken, the course rigor and what courses that particular high school offers.

Weighted GPA Takeaway:

If a weighted GPA is part of your high school transcript, college admissions officers will look at it, but they will consider it in relation to the courses that you have taken, the grades that you received in those courses, and the rigor of those courses.

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