Drexel College

Drexel College, Philadelphia, Pennslyvania

• Urban environment, students use the city as a piece of their education, buildings are contained in a specific and condensed area
• Impressive campus with eclectic collection of buildings, great facilities and technologically current
• New president with his initiatives
• Transforming the modern urban university
• Combining business, education and government
• New innovation center
• Civic engagement, looking for this for applicants
• Focus on student retention and graduation
• Enrollment management and student success
• Downsized application pool – 50,000 down to 26,000
• Common app exclusive, charge an application fee
• Looking at more than GPA and test scores
• Looking at grade trends, essays, letters of recommendation
• Test flexible – option on what tests to submit
• On the Quarter system vs. semester, sometimes going to school/coop all year round
• Coop program is a part of their curriculum, up to 18 months for as little as 6 months. Each Coop is 6 months long
• Have to select a major when you apply to determine if that is their area of interest. Can apply “Business Still Deciding”
• 14,000 undergraduate students
• Avg class size 18 students
• 10:1 student to faculty ratio
• Research environment
• 80 academic majors
• Although engineering is a popular and strong major Drexel has a vast number of schools and majors available
• Westphal College of Media Arts and Design is a highly competitive school to get into and highly regarded.
• Study abroad options and bringing your experience back to the classroom
• 4 year program is 1 coop for 6 months. 5 year program is 3 coops for 18 months
• Each student gets a coop advisor
• Coop 101 class learning about creating your resume, how to interview…etc. Also have resume and interview workshops available
• 80% of coops are paid positions
• 2 year required residency, living on campus
• Location removed from central Philly but is very near downtown. Located in a nice section of the city
• Test scores: Mid 50% – 570 – 670 math, 530 – 630 Reading, writing 520 – 630, ACT 23-27
• 2016 deadlines: 11/1/15 early action, 1/15/16 regular decision, 2/15/16 FAFSA
• CSS Profile required for financial aid – submit 2 weeks after (or before) when application submitted
• Do not pay tuition when on a coop
• 80% of students choose the 5 year coop program

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