Emerson College

Emerson College, Boston, MA

This school visit epitomizes what I say to all of my families. Visiting a school brings it to life. You can read all the stats, view it on the Internet but paying the school a visit, attending the information session and going on the campus tour sheds the true light of what a college represents, on all levels. I found Emerson fascinating and everyone is passionate about everything that they do. As our tour guide said, students don’t come to Emerson wondering what they want to do, they know. They may need to hone in on the specific area but communication and/or the arts is their focus.
• 3,765 undergrads
• Vertical campus, takes up a city block overlooking Boston Commons
• State of the art facilities, creative majors and curriculum
• Located in the heart of Boston’s theatre district and across from the Boston Commons, focusing on Communication and the Arts
• Known for Communication, Journalism, Marketing, Performing Arts, Visual and Media Arts and Writing, Literature and Publishing
• Admit rate 47%
• Avg. class size is 25
• 13:1 student to faculty ratio
• Have Speech Pathology
• Named Number 1 Journalism program in the US (BS)
• On and off stage theatre majors
• Comedic Arts – New major – Major in comedy, create and produce comedy
• Business of Creative Enterprises – The business behind the creative based business
• Considered a Liberal Arts College – Required to take 15 core classes
• 24-hour student-run TV stations (2 of them)
• Students do 1-2 internships during their undergrad experience
• All new students are required to live on campus for 2 years
• Campuses in LA and Kasteel Castle in The Netherlands. LA is only for a semester
• Common App, 2 writing supplements
• Interview for performing arts major
• FAFSA and CSS Profile
• Merit scholarships are automatic consideration
• Early Action 11/1
• No Interviews other than performing arts
• Apply to school to a specific major or undecided but most students apply to a specific major
• Do not track or consider demonstrated interest
• 50 – 70% travel abroad

Visit the Emerson College website.