Emory University

Emory University, Atlanta, GA

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• Private
• Located in the beautiful Druid Hill area, suburban part of Atlanta, outside the city
• 10 minute walk from one end of campus to another
• Easy trip into downtown Atlanta
• Medical center across the street from the university
• Beautifully landscaped campus with a Mediterranean architectural flair
• Shops and restaurants right off campus
• Undergraduate enrollment – 7,695
• Admit rate – 25%
• Financial Aid forms required – FAFSA, CSS Profile
• Retention rate – 94%
• Mid 50% SAT/ACT range – 630-770/30-33
• Student to faculty ratio – 9:1
• Greek life is present
• Although no football team, there is plenty of school spirit
• Doesn’t look at demonstrated interest in the admissions process
• One of the top research universities (Research 1) as well as a top liberal arts university
• Has a strong business and nursing program
• Professors are hired who want to teach undergraduate students
• Colleges: Emory College of Arts and Sciences, Goizueta Business School, School of Nursing
• Apply to business school in sophomore year, spend first 2 years in the college of Arts and Sciences
• Apply to School of Nursing sophomore year
• Question to ask yourself: If you had unlimited time and funds what problem would you want to solve, what would you want to spend your time on, this vs. what do you want to major in/be when you grow up
• Conservatory level arts programs
• Global experiences on every continent
• During the admissions process, in addition to grades and test scores, looking for intellectual curiosity and engagement, personal attributes and reading your essays that tell your story
• Letters of recommendation – How have I changed as a student, what was my best work, what resources did I use to get better, describe me as a class member, a student, a person?
• Your time and your voice are your most valuable assets – If you are doing something with no meaning to you, stop doing it

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