Franklin and Marshall

Franklin and Marshall, Lancaster, PA

Want a broad-based liberal arts education with a college that offers such a variety of majors with a supportive and motivated student body, and, in a town that is blocks away from campus with plenty to do? Visit Franklin and Marshall and be drawn into their community.

• National liberal arts college
• Strong in the sciences, with an emphasis on research, doing graduate work at the undergraduate level
• Good creative writing program
• 30% accept rate
• 2,300 undergrads
• Hub for swimming
• 15 years ago resurgence in the investment in the community
• Shuttles to downtown
• Artistic town
• Don’t give merit aid
• Community is about manufacturing, agriculture and education
• Minor league stadium built when rebuilding Lancaster
• In the process of building a new football stadium
• Div III
• Building an athletic complex
• College row, new building, with hip retail on the ground floor and upper classmen housing above
• Building a new arts facility – 2018
• Takes a lot of pride in academic excellence
• 65% of undergrads are involved in research
• Faculty geared to helping students to do in the real world what they learn while they are at school
• Kids are involved, friendly, supportive
• President of school is engaged and gets to know students
• Meets 100% of financial need
• Crossover schools – Gettysburg and Dickinson, Lehigh, Lafayette, Colgate, Hamilton and Colby
• CSS Profile – Financial Aid Form
• Worked with “Posse”, which is a non profit that works with students to be supportive and get through college, to bring it to F&M, for underprivileged kids
• Need aware when reading applications
• Definitely consider demonstrated interest, visit, interviewing may be helpful, contacting your counselor
• 60% from out of state
• About 25% participate in Greek life and supportive
• Business is one of the most popular majors, Government number 2
• Unique majors: Animal behavior, astrophysics, bio-infomatics
• Majors in Music, theatre, dance field, studio art
• Apply to the school in general not by major
• Curriculum – Medium level structure
• Test optional
• Meet yield each year – over enrolled in 2016
• 5 College houses where students live and are associated with throughout their years even if you don’t live there, socially are automatically are a part of a group of people

Visit the Franklin and Marshall website.